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Efficiency Grows Profitability

We help food growers and processors achieve higher profit through innovative design, process integration, fabrication, and installation solutions. And, we help food companies meet the demand for food varieties with uniquely-engineered equipment, such as alternate forms of conveyance or steam equipment. Our experience makes us the right choice for your engineering, food and beverage welding and food grade installation.

Experience with agriculture and food processing systems includes:

  • Custom Conveyance Systems
  • Rock Trap Systems
  • Shakers
  • Heat Exchangers (Plate & Frame, Shell & Tube)
  • Pump solutions (Sepex, Sine, Waukesha,¬†Fristam)
  • Separators/Decanters
  • Steam Peelers
  • Centrifuge
  • CIP/COP Skids
  • Process Air – Water, Steam, & Gas
  • Culinary Steam
  • All Safe Tanks Solutions
  • Divert Valves/Valve Clusters
  • Blend Tanks
  • Customized Processing Equipment
  • Steam Blanchers